#07 – Tephritidae on flower

September 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

07 - Tephritidae on flower

Image #7 is one of my favourites for a couple of reasons… 1) It’s hard to beat blue, yellow and white when it comes to colour contrasts and 2) This image marked a return in my shooting style.

Wth the MP-E new to me this season, I had been concentrating on shooting full frame close-up images and honing in on the perceived “main” subject. This shot of a small tephritidae resting on a flower re-aquainted me with a more environmental type approach to macro photography.

Tephritidae are more commonly known as fruit flies and at only a few millimeters in length are quite easy to miss when out shooting. While it is very difficult to identify individual species, I’d guess this may be either Campiglossa clathrata or Tephritis araneosa.

Unfortunatly, despite there innocent looks, fruit flies are a major pest to the fruit growing industry and one of the main causes of “exclusion zones” set up around the country. While this particular species poses little threat, the more abundant Queensland fruit fly will lay its eggs in maturing or ripe fruit and all but destroy it from the inside out.

   Anthony – Brisbane Macro


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