About Me

Anthony Tancredi

Macro is a relatively new obsession for me. I had always been interested and had owned the Canon 100 f2.8 lense for a while, but just didn’t know where to start in terms of capturing insects in their natural environment.

I remember seeing an image of a Robberfly eating it’s prey come up at a local camera club one night and new I had to talk to the maker. That image was by Grahame Merrick, and after speaking to him, found that he was more than willing to let me tag along to see how he approached the craft. That was in March 2009 and since then I’ve tagged along A LOT with Grahame as he has passed on his wizdom on all things macro.

After shooting for 9 months with the 100mm and on occassions, a set of extension tubes, I decided to take the plunge and purchase the MP-e 65 at the start of 2010.  The detail it can produce is stunning and while it is by no means an easy lense to use, it provides many hours of funs and discovery!


§ 2 Responses to About Me

  • Bruce Terrill says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I have posted a thread on FM forum about Habitats and I would love it if you would/could post some images of Minnippi where you have so much fun? It would be great to get some aussie content so that any of the local folk want to take a trip to check out some variation to their normal hangouts, they could check this site out previously? The standard and variation of your work is outstanding. . . congratulations.

  • anthonytancredi says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for stopping by! I have been planning on adding to your FM thread… just have to get some habitat shots to contribute! Hopefully I’ll manage that over the weekend depending on the weather and will post them during the week.


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