The art of Macro Photography: Part 1

July 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

As noted a few weeks back, I have begun work on a new macro tutorial series entitled “The art of Macro Photography”.

Due to other commitments, including the imminent launch of my new website, it has taken a while longer than I had hoped to produce the first part of this series. But I am now happy to report that the first part is now ready.

I have decided to start slowly, with Part 1 being a simple introduction to the genre and will be moving on to the next part shortly. By the time the series is complete, I hope it proves useful and informative to at least some out there!

Of course, if you have any feedback about this first part, as requests for anything you would like included in future parts of the series, feel free to let me know!

Below is a direct link to a downloadable pdf document. Either click to view directly, or right click and choose “Save as” to save the file to your PC.

 The art of Macro Photography.  Part 1: Introduction

TaoMP_PT1Sample pages from “The art of Macro Photography” Part 1: Introduction


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