Gallery – Spiders

S0013 S0003 S0035
                Juvenile                              Adult                                Pregnant

S0016   S0017
                                 Female green jumping spider (Mopsus mormon)

S0009   S0010 S0018 S0019 S0020
                               Male green jumping spider (Mopsus mormon)

S0029 S0031 S0030
                          Garden jumping spider (Opisthoncus parcedentatus).  

S0028   S0027
                              Biting jumping spider (Opisthoncus mordax)

S0004   S0007
                               Ludicra jumping spider (Sandalodes superbus)

S0021   S0032
Salticid Ant eater (Zenodorus orbiculatus)      Double brush jumpee (Sandalodes bipenicillatus)

Brown jumping spider (Simaetha thoracica)


S0005   S0012
            Elegant Lynx spider (Oxyopes elegans)                   Common Lynx spider (Oxyopes quadrifasciatus)

S0015  S0011 
                            Common Lynx spider (Oxyopes quadrifasciatus)


S0006   S0036
                                White flower (crab) spider (Diaea variabilis)


S0023   S0022
                             Juvenile brown huntsman (Heteropoda jugulans)

S0024   S0037
                              Adult brown huntsman (Heteropoda jugulans)


S0025   S0026
                              Juvenile giant green huntsman (Isopoda sp)


S0033   S0034
                             Two spined spider (Poecilopachys australasia)


S0014   S0008
    Male leaf curling spider (Phonognatha graeffei)                      Triangular spider (Arkys lancearius)

Gumtree trunk weaver (Argiope sp.)


§ 6 Responses to Gallery – Spiders

  • John says:

    Ok, I’m now addicted to macro photo. Spiders are my favorite, but everything is a whole new world down there on that level. You are truly an artist and have opened my eyes. I’ve shot lots of black and white as my old favorite, but now have a new fav…your work is beautiful, thanks and please “gimme more”.

    • anthonytancredi says:

      Thanks very much John. I’m glad these images have inspired you! I havent been able to update this site for a while, but I am getting back to it now, so keep an eye out for new images. You can also check out my other photo blog for more…


  • Brodie Foster says:

    Nice photos. A few changes if you’re interested, the one listed as ‘Garden jumping spider (Opisthoncus parcedentatus)’ is Opisthoncus polyphemus, the first photo above ‘Ludicra jumping spider (Sandalodes superbus)’ is a juvenile Euryattus bleekeri and the one listed as ‘Brown jumping spider (Simaetha thoracica)’ is the adult female of Euryattus bleekeri.

    • Anthony Tancredi says:

      Thanks for the corrections there Brodie! Much appreciated. I really should make sure I grab some decent ID shots so I dont mess up with my limited ID’ing skills!

  • tayla bambara says:

    Hey Anthony I hope you didn’t get bitten by any of this dangerous SPIDERS!!!!!!!!

    • Anthony Tancredi says:

      Hi there Tayla! Luckily, I’ve never been bitten. You do have to be very careful though. Hope you guys are all well 🙂

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